Thursday, 2 April 2015

Clown (2014)

Hello guys! I do apologise for my lack of posts, I won't bore you with excuses. Instead I'll jump straight back to it and start off with my review of Clown, so give it a read and let me know what you think.

Clown (2014)


When Kent (Andy Powers), a loving father finds a clown suit just in time for his son's birthday party he decides to try it out and soon discovers that he can't remove it. Kent realises this wasn't just an ordinary clown suit but one that has cast a terrifying curse on him.


An interesting premise for a horror film nowadays as it's not very often we get many killer clowns featuring in them, so when I heard about 'Clown' I knew I would have to check it out. The film jumps straight into the action, with Kent trying on the suit almost immediately and then struggling to remove it. The slow burning process of the terrifying transformation is what makes 'Clown' stand out, the brutal visuals of children being eaten and maimed by Frowny the Clown (Eli Roth) creates an individuality to the film and the usual victims seen in horrors. 

Director Jon Watts has created a monstrous and deeply disturbing atmosphere by allowing the transformation to start off a little bit comedic but after a grisly scene in which Kent has a part of his nose ripped off in order to take off the nose, we soon realise that it's going to be much darker than first expected. 'Clown' could fall into the psychological thriller category as opposed to horror, yes there are gruesome scenes with blood and gore but for myself, personally I wasn't scared by it in the slightest and at times it just felt a little bit silly. 
The acting wasn't some of the best I have seen and it was very difficult to relate to any of the character's because Watts skips past any character development and back story and straight in to the horror but it was much better than I had anticipated. 

If you are afraid of clowns then maybe this film isn't for you, the final image of Frowny the Clown is not for the faint hearted and the visual effects are incredibly realistic. 
'Clown' is never going to go down in history as one of the best horrors around but as far as killer clown stories go it's not that bad. 


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