Friday, 20 February 2015

What If (2013)

Being an avid Daniel Radcliffe fan myself, I have been meaning to check out 'What If' for a while now so I finally took the time to watch it today and it's actually rather heart warming.

What If:


Wallace (Radcliffe) is a medical school drop-out who has suffered his fair share of heartaches. After deciding to give up on love he is introduced to Chantry (Zoe Kazan) and the two of them hit it off immediately. Discovering that Chantry has a long-term boyfriend means only one thing, Wallace is placed in the friend zone but their undeniable chemistry means it's not that easy. What if the love of your life just so happens to be your best friend?


It has always been difficult for Daniel Radcliffe to step away from his Harry Potter roots but in his first ever rom-com I think it's safe to say that there's much more to this pint sized actor than meets the eye. Radcliffe is charming, witty and strikes up amazing chemistry on-screen with his co-stars and that is what really brings this movie to life. 
Of course 'What If' is never going to be a classic that's remembered years down the line but it's fun and respectable and definitely leaves you with a smile. It's completely predictable but isn't that what we all secretly want from a romance story? Wallace and Chantry are unbelievably cute together, their sweet little inside jokes and flirty insults have you rooting for them the whole time.
My only problem with 'What If' is the disappointing and frankly rather dull ending. After watching almost an hour and a half of Wallace and Chantry battling against their feelings for one another it's a bit of a cop out to skip ahead several years and show them happily married and madly in love. It would have been nice to see a bit more of their story as a couple but I still enjoyed it nonetheless,

A witty and modern love story that has you smiling most of the time. A definite must-see, even if it is just the once.


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