Monday, 1 December 2014

As Above So Below

Hello my amazing readers.
I apologise for my lack of posts but I have been mad busy lately.
I finally got around to watching another new horror release; 'As Above So Below' and here is my review.


A team of explorers make their way down into the catacombs underneath the City of Paris in the hopes of finding the Philosopher's Stone. As they climb further and further into the twisted maze of the undead, they realise that they have entered their own personal hell and the only way out is to keep going further into the ground and away from civilisation.


I am a self-confessed 'found footage' fan but this film came as a huge disappointment. The catacombs make for a claustrophobic setting and yet it doesn't add any suspense or fear. The shaky cameras make it incredibly difficult to focus on what's going on and although I understand that it is one of the main characteristics of this sub-genre, 'As Above So Below' manages to make this into more of an annoying hindrance to the action.
The characters in the film are merely there to add another layer but they barely do that. They all lack any kind of personality and depth, especially Scarlett (Perdita Weeks) who insists on giving us a mythological history lesson even though all of her friends are dying around her.
I really wanted this film to be great and it had the opportunity to be, but all of that seems to get lost in an overly complex storyline which in the end, is downright ridiculous. The ending leaves us with more questions than answers and if you were to ask me what actually happened throughout the film, I'm not sure I could tell you.

Definitely wouldn't recommend this film to anyone.


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