Friday, 24 October 2014

Sex Tape

Sex Tapes- Jake Kasdan

Hi guys, so today I watched 'Sex Tape' and I've read some pretty harsh reviews on this film but as a fan of both Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz I thought I'd check it out anyway.


A married couple struggle to find the time and energy to keep up the intimacy in their relationship so to spice things up a little bit they decide to create their own sex tape. The next morning they are horrified to discover that their sex tape has been synced to all of their family and friends and they begin a frantic mission to find every single copy and erase it before it ruins their whole reputation.


As always, I began to watch this movie with an open mind and although it's not a creative masterpiece I have to say that I actually enjoyed it. No, it didn't provide me with many laughs and the storyline became a little bit like a silly sketch show towards the end but I had a huge soft spot for the lead characters 'Annie and Jay' and their on-screen chemistry is fantastic to watch. It certainly won't go down in history or be remembered as one of the greater comedies but it was remotely funny and every now and again it's nice to watch a film that doesn't require any kind of thought process. One downside of the film is that it does seem to spend an awful lot of time advertising 'Apple' products; in fact it probably spends more time on that than it does character development.
A fun, simple rom-com that you can enjoy with friends but probably one that you'll forget about the following day.


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